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An easily customizable Android App with Material Design and lots of pre-defined layouts.

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Close Up Features

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  • Awesome Features

    BlogPress App for Android has awesome features that will actually make your blog readers life a bit better.

  • Fully Customizable

    The source files allows you to customize your Android App according to your need

  • Support all Android 4.1+ Devices

    BlogPress App for Android support all Android devices running 4.1 and higher and cover over 90% of Android users around the globe.

  • Material Design

    BlogPress App for Android now support most recent major Android update "Material Design" for both Pre-Lollipop and Lollipop Devices

Additional BlogPress Features

Here are more feature details of BlogPress for Android.

Splash Screen

Features a splash screen with your app logo and loading progress icon.


Secure JSON data with the help of REST API with Key

Pull to Refresh

Refresh the listing screen with Pull to Refresh feature.

Translation Ready

Translate your app in different languages.

Google Analytics

Capture the detail information about your reader what kind of stuff they like.

Google AdMob

Monetize your app to generate revenue including in-app advertising and in-app purchases.

Documentation and Support

Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident.

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BlogPress for Android

BlogPress for Android is an easily customizable Android App with Material Design for your WordPress based Website. The App is rapidly developed using Native Library and JSON data feeds. It has your custom icon/image or Logo as representation of Android App. On click the posts will show full description, links, images etc The posts will always be updated since we use JSON Feeds. List of latest posts will be displayed on Home screen. Drawer menu on the Action Bar will display the categories from WordPress using JSON feeds.

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  • Share post across other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Others.
  • Google Analytics and AdMob Support
  • Translation Ready, Available in English, URDU and Arabic.

Buy BlogPress for Android

BlogPress for Android is avaialable at affordable price at Envato Market. Choose on of the following option to buy the app.

  • Regular License

    Use in a single end product

    $ 23 forever
    • 1 End Product
    • Use in a single end product
    • Use in a free end product
    • Full Support
  • Extended License

    Use in an end product that's sold

    $ 110 Forever
    • 1 End Product
    • Use in a single end product
    • Use in a free end product
    • Use in an end product that's sold
    • Full Support


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